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Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: Microsoft Connect, Huawei out of BT, NeurIPS, and More!

Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: Microsoft Connect, Huawei out of BT, NeurIPS, and More!

Microsoft’s Latest Announcements Microsoft Connect 2018, its annual cloud- and data-focused developer conference, took place last week. Though the event is normally held right before AWS Re:Invent, the company decided this year to hold it a week after. In conjunction with the event, Microsoft unveiled several new products and services. The company announced the general…

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Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: Alibaba Focuses on Cloud, Diane Green Leaves Google, Insights from AWS re:Invent, and More!

  Alibaba Focuses on Cloud Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Group’s chief executive, announced last week that the company will be restructuring its Tmall e-commerce business and upgrading its Alibaba Cloud business unit as the cloud becomes more important strategically. The restructure arrives after Alibaba’s record-breaking sales of $30.8 billion during Singles Day late last month and is the first restructure under…

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Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: AWS intros AMD instances, Microsoft and Walmart partner, and more!

AWS Introduces New EC2 Instances AWS has introduced new general purpose and memory-optimized instance types with AMD EPYC processors. AMD EPYC processors are 10% less expensive than AWS’s current M5, T3, and R5 instances. The new instances will provide additional options for customers looking for cost savings on their Amazon EC2 compute environment for a…